Angler Activity Award CAST L 1-2

Angler Activity Award CAST L 1-2

£80 per person – Minimum Four

Angling Activity Award

Devised during the 2020 Corona Virus Lockdown, this package is delivered by six (30 minute) remote online tutorials (including a knowledge check quiz) and is then assessed to attain an Angling Trust CAST Skills Award qualification, equivalent to the Scout Association Angling Activity Award Badge. A great foundation course with all tuition and equipment included.

Game fish – Identifying them, Equipment & tackle, Artificial flies, Casting – theory, Casting / retrieving, Knowledge check, Reading the water, Preparing your catch (demonstration), Small Water – field trip and CAST assessment (one fish retained on assessment day)

CAST Level 1

  • Assemble angling equipment
  • Understands the basic principles of staying safe
  • Legal, ethical behaviour, the environment and the Countryside Code
  • Reading the water / Identifies where to fish
  • Recognises bites (also referred to as ‘takes’)
  • Playing and landing (using a net)
  • Unhooking fish

CAST Level 2

  • Select correct line (explain thought process) and demonstrate how to attach terminal tackle
  • Tie three different knots and explain where they might be used
  • Know and discuss different methods of angling
  • Use equipment suitable to venue
  • Cast accurately to target
  • Learn about different types of fly, bait fishing and lures
  • Understand water temperature and weather conditions
  • Maintaining a log



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