Angling Skills Activity Award

The Angling Skills Activity Award

£95 per person – Minimum Four

Angling Skills Activity Award

Devised for fully flexible modular delivery, this package can be taught by a blend of remote tutorials and face to face tuition, as necessary. These are then assessed to award a recognised Angling Trust qualification, Gold – Foundation being equivalent to CAST Level 2 and the Scout Association Angling Activity Award Badge. A great foundation/intermediate course for a journey to independent angling and a preferred introduction for those embarking on the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. All tuition, assessments and equipment included.

Small Water field trips and assessments (one fish retained on assessment day), venue fees may apply

Completion time: Foundation – 20 hours / Intermediate and Independent Angling – 88 hours

Foundation – Gold

(17 competency elements)
  • Assemble angling equipment and terminal tackle
  • Cast accurately to target
  • Tie three different knots and explain where they might be used
  • Staying safe, legal / ethical behaviour, the environment and the Countryside Code
  • Learn about different types of fly, bait fishing and lures
  • Basic watercraft / reading the water / identify where to fish
  • Playing and landing (using a net) / unhooking fish
  • Basic anatomy
  • Fact Files / research / maintaining a log

Intermediate – Independent

(33 competency elements)

  • Invasive species / predation / pollution / avoiding contamination
  • Next stage casting and using ‘droppers’
  • Different retrieves and presenting a fly at different depths
  • Tie three different flies and explain where they might be used
  • Case studies – Migratory fish / Chalk stream ecology
  • Nutrition in sport
  • Safely landing / handling and returning fish
  • Next stage anatomy – how it informs tactical angling decisions
  • Fact Files / research / maintaining a log



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